7 September 2022

Statistics, Mathematics and Informatics Department (DEMI) comprises the following four areas of knowledge: Didactics and School Organization, Statistics and Operations Research, Language and Computer Systems, and Applied Mathematics. Its main mission is to educate professionals in Business Statistics, Informatics, and Education, as well as contributing to the training of other professionals in areas of a statistical, mathematical or computer-related nature. The DEMI mainly participates in Degree courses for Business Statistics, and Computer Engineering in Information Technologies. It also provides lectures for many other degree courses, especially engineering degrees. The department participates in the Master’s in Teacher Training for Compulsory Education, Further Education and Language Teaching, in addition to the Research Master’s in Industrial and Telecommunications Technology. Besides this, the department directs theses in the fields of knowledge mentioned above. Finally, most of DEMI’s faculty are affiliated with the University Research Institute Centre for Operations Research (CIO).